The aim

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Studying the contemporary Italian language and culture.

While learning how to communicate 


The course helps students and teachers improve and update their Italian language skills through the use of media and journalistic techniques of writing, listening and reading.

The importance of the mass media communication as a tool for the dissemination of the contemporary Italian language was first recognized by one of the most important Italian linguists, Tullio De Mauro, in 1963 in his “Storia linguistica dell’Italia unita.” He stated that the language of the media is closer to the “authentic” Italian language because it is directed to an unlimited public, anonymous, undifferentiated in terms of cultural/social status, and therefore  is referred to as “mass”media.

Many people can benefit from this course. Foreign individuals who have a connection with our country for study, tourism, business or just passion for our culture as well as other professionals who want to improve their Italian language skills through the use of mass media techniques. The course will provide a professional learning environment for practicing these new skills, through the use of the Italian mass media, such as specialized periodicals.

The course will use role play a primary learning tool. The students will also take part in editorial meetings working on journalistic materials – such as specialized magazines. They will visit tv studios, radio stations and newspaper offices e will get training in the Italian Schools of Journalism.

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The project “Italian language in the Media” is designed for:


Indipendent students

• Foreign students who study courses in Italian – such as people studying abroad – and want to improve their linguistic abilities in an original and professional context, by using and reading Italian periodical and newspaper.

• Foreign students planning to enroll in an Italian University to study art, music, culture, food, tourism and fashion – such as students of the Marco Polo and Turandot program, in order to learn specialized Italian vocabulary useful for their academic career and life in Italy.


Universities and Italian Associations around the world

• Italian teachers (who’s primary language is not Italian) that want to update their knowledge in the use of modern Italian language, in order to be more effective.

• Italian Associations around the world interested in training for the contemporary Italian language through the use of Italian magazines, especially about cooking, tourism, culture, traditions and art.

• People planning to work in the media in Italy and abroad, as well as those people who are just interested in improving their communication skills.



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